English collage artist


English Collage Artist Phil Scott’s art work re-examines our relationship with two-dimensional imagery.  Often using photographic imagery his work carefully removes the context and through sophisticated juxtaposition conveys a new meaning within the final work(s). 

In his work we often see concepts and relationships develop as the work has been created, making organic and often forced relationships with the world we inhabit.  The image has become prevalent and the reading of imagery has become a primary tool in our understanding of the contemporary world and how we arrived at our destination. Scott’s intervention in the concept of the image creates a resonance that re-submits parts of the image in a poignant translation of the society we currently inhabit. 

The motto of “Find, Cut & Paste” has become a primitive motto of the processes Scott follows, but placing an emphasis on the “find” or sourcing of the images he transforms these unique artefacts into contemporary works in combination with other such imagery. The work is largely an extension of later Dada works, evoking similarities with the role of power and hidden propaganda in the original source materials.  The works frequently challenge and find a place within the context of art and art history allowing the audience to attach their own meanings and narrative from the clever combination of found imagery.

Scott was born in the North-East of England and went on to study and live in East London for 20 years between 2000-2020.  He and his family currently live in Billund, Denmark where he continues to develop his practice as an artist, illustrator and educator/teacher. 

Art Educator

Scott was an extremely successful art educator in in London between 2006- 2020.  Working at 2 art institutions Scott be fully versed in teh delivery of contemporary art practice and theory amongst young people between the ages of 11-18 years old.  He helped a number of students move on to become recognised British artists’, designers and architects.  Working alongside institutions such as the Tate Modern, White Chapel gallery, Photographers gallery and Institute for Education UCL,  Scott became a recognised figure in contemporary art teaching during these 14 years.  Scott continues to advise and offer consultancy on art education for institutions today.  He is also working on his first book based upon his experience and art practice. 

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