English collage artist

Boxed (2020)
During the pandemic of 2020-21, delivery services took on a new significance to a population in lockdown. As daily deliveries became commonplace, a significant amount of waste packaging was  produced.  This was the genesis of Scott’s “no waste collage” concept, which has become a theme in his practice in recent years.

Inspired by Robert Rauschenberg’s Cardboard series from 1971-72, Scott uses packaging design and logos to create new abstract collage forms.  These empty cardboard vessels lent themselves to new constructivist shapes and forms, allowing Scott to develop his continued fascination with composition. 

This series of chance works is the transformation of life into art, unashamedly cataloguing the dents, rips and stains of the delivery’s history.  The works are a record of the way society has become over-reliant on the need to own posessions, and subsequently the vessels that they arrive in.

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