English collage artist

Mapping (2010-20)

Scott has been interested in the concept of place since the beginning of his exploration in collage.  Using source material found in the schools he worked in, he began investigating classic editions of National Geographic magazine from the 1960s. In these pages he discovered  quality photography rich in cultural references, alongside beautifully illustrated maps - this inspired a series of works, which spanned a decade.  

Photojournalist Gilbert Grosvenor stated that: “the map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show the realization of great dreams.” Using the maps as the origin, Scott carefully brings these locations to life. Combining elements of humour, transition and wonder, the composition brings a understated intelligence to this series of works.  As the work has evolved and the world around us has changed, the narratives of the works constantly transform.  This can be seen most prominently in the creation of A Strategic Point (2016), which co-incided with the UK Brexit referendum. The work depicts a lonely island protected by a young boy on a raft. 

These works revive an interest in maps and cartography, whilst also showcasing the extraordinary photography of the early National Geographic magazines.  In this series, the artist responds to a tension that is inherent in working with historical source material created in a different time and morality. This seminal magazine publicised and exposed the nature and culture of previously untouched places, a practice that is much debated. These works raises questions about our relationship to these places that remains relevant today.

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