English collage artist


Passing Aircraft (2021)

During the coronavirus pandemic of 2020-21, Scott became interested in the vacant skies above much as the globe as the majority of international travel came to a halt. The empty skies phenomenon reminded us of how common place air travel has become, and how the phallic symbol of the aircraft dominates our sky. 

During this time Scott  moved to Denmark and began life living under the flight path to Billund International airport.  As the pandemic restrictions lifted and the planes overhead slowly grew in numbers, so did this series.  Scott’s practice is a reflection on the impact that the aircraft has and still is having on our environment and lives. 

The juxtaposition of the airplane imagery makes the machine impossible, reflecting the travel restrictions both real and theoretical. The collages have been referred to as a 21st century Yin and Yang, and this circular repetition is an interesting way of understanding the meanings that can be associated in the series. Whether the events of the pandemic make us pause and reflect enough to feel the need for change is a question that only we as a global society can answer.  

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