English collage artist

Tuscany (2020-21)

As a conclusion to his 14 years, teaching, Scott generated this project from one of his “charity shop challenge” workshops. The challenge sees Year 13 students given a set amount of money to spend in a London charity shop to find an object that could be tranformed into “art”. Scott said: “This workshop develops the ability of students to seek and look at objects in a new way. The task challenges their creativity and abilty to adapt.” 

The works created in the Tuscany series come from a Guide to a Tuscany book bought by a student for this workshop. The student completed her charity shop challenge by creating collages from the book, Scott then made this series using discarded tears and cuts from what remained of the book once the student. This was around the time that Scott developed his concept of “no-waste collage”. 

Using the discarded pieces of material, Scott began experimenting with lining up and arranging new compositions gathered from the left over imagery.  The classic architecture of Tuscany creates new surreal parallels to the original guide material and allowed for further developments in the recurring theme of “chance” composition.

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