English collage artist

Western Women (2021)

The 'Western Women' series uses the iconographic imagery of the American wild west movies of the mid 20th century. Through the juxtaposition of the female and male roles in these classic movies, the work explores approaches that have established the foundation of our contemporary societies. 

Reflecting on these female roles that are constructed within masculine imagery, we experience a contrast between empathy and aggression in the careful partnering of the images.  These works ask us to re-examine the role of the “western woman”, seeing her  as mediator and rational thinker in contrast to the overtly masculine agressive approach of her counterpart. 

This work seeks to challenge the origins of these gendered roles and the outdated constructs they rest on, which were forced on generations of young men and women.  

This series, and its accompanying counterpart,the Manhood (2021) series, were made during the pandemic of 2020-21.

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